flat plates

Salads and small plates are easy to share. Enjoy one before a meal or get 3-4 and share them for your meal. We are working hard to make the chef’s board the best collection of
charcuterie, cheese, and things to nibble on in the region. Help us propagate that rumour with your social media prowess and natural charm. You’ll be

snappy dresser

italian sausage, green
pepper, mushroom, onion,
mozzarella, tomato basil


fungi and fromage

cremini and portobello
mushrooms, smoked gouda
and asiago


free love

prosciutto, goat cheese, salty nuts, pickled dill onions and fig jam



thinly sliced potato,
smoked cheddar, and


east coast mac

shrimp and crab mac
and cheese topped with
even more cheese



mozzarella, arugula &
basil, tomato basil sauce



moroccan-spiced chicken, roasted garlic, turmeric yogurt, caramelized onion, goat cheese, green olive, roasted lemon, honey drizzle.



shreaded brussel
sprouts, carmelized
onion, goat cheese,
drizzle of rich
balsamic glaze


seoul searching

gochujang chicken, kimchi, mozza


salt lick

caramelized onion, tapenade, capers, mozzarella.

add proscuitto $3