Yes we are now opened for lunch from 11:30 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday.


rocket salad

arugula with ginger
lemon dressing topped
with beet infused dill
pickled onions



chef alex and team knock it out of the park with tribe's hand-crafted soup of flavours from around the world.


lemon devilled eggs

tarragon cream cheese stuffed eggs, with shaved sharp cheese on a bed of arugula with ginger
lemon dressing


tribe salad

cantaloupe, cucumber,
tomato, goat cheese,
nuts, kalamata olives,
lime, cilantro, red onion.

add prosciutto $3



freshly baked bread accompanied with compound butter.



prosciutto salmon

prosciutto-wrapped salmon filet oven-baked with garlic butter, topped with warm sambuca tomato sauce.


banh mi monte cristo

gochujang chicken, prosciutto, swiss, carrots strings, cilantro and candied peanut strawberry preserve.


the burger

6 oz sous vide Alberta beef patty, rocket, tomato, confit garlic aioli, maitre d'hôtel butter, dill infused pickled onions.


crab and shrimp mac & cheese

panko crusted cheesey cavatappi with crab and shrimp, and a side of arugula salad topped
with beet-pickled onion, and a slice of house-made buttered bread


flat plates


moroccan-spiced chicken, roasted garlic, turmeric yogurt, caramelized onion, goat cheese, green olive, roasted lemon, honey drizzle.



shredded brussels
sprouts, carmelized
onion, goat cheese,
drizzle of rich
balsamic glaze


snappy dresser

italian sausage, green
pepper, mushroom, onion,
mozzarella, tomato basil


salt lick

caramelized onion, tapenade, capers, mozzarella.

add proscuitto $3