small plates

Salads and small plates are easy to share.Enjoy one before a meal or get 3-4 and share them for your meal. We are working hard to make the chef’s board the best collection of
charcuterie, cheese, and things to nibble on in the region. Help us propagate that rumour with your social media prowess and natural charm. You’ll be

chef’s board

a fine collection of meats,
cheeses, and other edible
delights from the minds of
the chefs. Serves 2-4


une petite charcuterie

a smaller version of the
chef’s board.
Serves 1-2


thumper’s feast

a vegetarian version of the chef’s board. Serves 1-2


duck fat poutine

potatoes, cheese, bacon in a cast iron fry pan.


eat your rocket, stuffed portabello

baked portabello stuffed with cream, cheese, and herbs. Topped with Japanese bread crumbs on a bed of arugula with lemon ginger dressing… which we strongly encourage you to devour


lemon devilled eggs

tarragon cream cheese stuffed eggs, with shaved sharp cheese on a bed of arugula with ginger
lemon dressing


roasted tomatoes

roasted tomatoes with fresh herbs and goat cheese. Served with our own house-made ciabatta.


spread and bread

the world’s best spinach dip or Maximillion’s hummus served with Iranian flatbread seasoned with Zatar spice


rocket salad

arugula with ginger
lemon dressing topped
with beet infused dill
pickled onions


tribe salad

cantaloupe, cucumber,
tomato, Goat Cheese,
nuts, kalamata olives,
lime, cilantro, red onion
Add proscuitto $3