sweet plates

At the end of an evening of fabulous story telling and love, we’ve got just the right amount of sweetness to top things off. Try a
coffee and one of our house made desserts.

potato chocolate cake with
penuche icing

seriously, mashed potatoes,
chocolate, walnuts, with a
brown sugar fudge icing.


cheddar shortbread with spiced apple

very traditional Scottish shortbread right off the Canada Corn Starch box with a very Tribe cheddar twist, served with spiced apple compote.


dessert flatbread

our same crispy bread topped with cinnamon, apple and cheddar, occasionally the chefs will abandon apple and cheddar for other dessert like toppings



depending on the day the chefs create everything from bourbon to cheese gelato with everything in between. ask your flirty server about today's creations